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ScannTec is a worldwide leading Company providing full engineering services using 3D laser scanning technology. ScannTec consultancy possessing extensive experience in:

  • Industrial Surveying
  • Building Monitoring
  • Dimensional Control & Measurement
  • 3D Digital data Capturing
  • 2D & 3D As Built Documentation
  • Plant Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Data management services

Through a long-term experience and excellent services at an international level ScannTec provides its clients with a wide range of services that meet their diverse project needs; Through experienced surveyors, civil engineers, programmers, and mechanical- and plant-engineering designers.

Cooperation with a range of universities and software developers guarantees continuous optimization of our working procedures, and the corresponding constant high quality. We see ourselves as a partner providing you with active support from the planning stage right through to completion.

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